Message from the Board Chair

Tracy Golden, Chair

It’s been my pleasure and honor to serve as Bamberg County First Steps Board Chair. Bamberg County First Steps’ commitment to the families they serve is amazing. I have enjoyed being a part of their annual fundraisers, the parent meetings, field trips and board meetings. I always leave with valuable information to share with others in the community about the great work that First Steps is doing.

Our Board has been successful because of the hard work of our Board members and their commitment to make sure the children in our county will be able to read by first grade. I’m so proud of First Steps’ ongoing commitment, dedication and hard work for the families in Bamberg County, especially during this pandemic.

Our Board is committed to working collaboratively with our school districts, community partners/agencies and parents, in order to provide continuous support and resources for the families in Bamberg County. The Board is committed to each child achieving success in learning and leading them to reach their full potential.


Tracy Golden, Chair

Bamberg County First Steps Board of Trustees

Message from the Executive Director

Pauletta Plowden
Executive Director
Bamberg County First Steps

“Our children are our greatest asset and most valuable resource. Investing in them, is the most cost effective, socially responsible investment that our small rural county and the state of South Carolina can make”. 

Given these continued unprecedented times, Bamberg County First Steps, a National Blue RibbonParent As Teachers Affiliate, has maintained strong collaborative relationships with our community schools, local and state partners and community families. 

“Bamberg County First Steps is the needle that pulls the thread to help young families realize the importance of quality early education. With every step our children make, they become better students. Preparing our children and their families will help weave the fibers for their future. Bamberg County First Steps’ legacy is preparing our children to step confidently into the future knowing that they are loved, they are healthy and ready to learn”!

Bamberg County First Steps is proud to serve as a school readiness CHAMPION in getting our children ready for the first grade. Therefore, in our efforts to afford our youngest learnersgreater options for the future, we say “thank you” to our State Legislators, State Office of First Steps, Bamberg County First Steps Board, Bamberg School District One, Bamberg School District Two and our local community partners for ensuring that our initiative will always focus on providing educational services with an emphasis on High Quality, School Readiness and Success for all children in Bamberg County, South Carolina.